Module org.hsqldb

Class JDBCNClob

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.sql.Clob, java.sql.NClob

    public class JDBCNClob
    extends JDBCClob
    implements java.sql.NClob
    The mapping in the Java™ programming language for the SQL NCLOB type. An SQL NCLOB is a built-in type that stores a Character Large Object using the National Character Set as a column value in a row of a database table.

    The NClob interface extends the Clob interface which provides methods for getting the length of an SQL NCLOB value, for materializing a NCLOB value on the client, and for searching for a substring or NCLOB object within a NCLOB value. A NClob object, just like a Clob object, is valid for the duration of the transaction in which it was created. Methods in the interfaces ResultSet, CallableStatement, and PreparedStatement, such as getNClob and setNClob allow a programmer to access an SQL NCLOB value. In addition, this interface has methods for updating a NCLOB value.

    HSQLDB-Specific Information:

    First, it should be noted that since HSQLDB represents all character data internally as Java UNICODE (UTF16) String objects, there is not currently any appreciable difference between the HSQLDB XXXCHAR types and the SQL 2003 NXXXCHAR and NCLOB types.

    See JDBCClob for further information.

    JDK 1.6, HSQLDB 2.0
    Campbell Burnet (campbell-burnet@users dot
    See Also:
    JDBCClob, JDBCClobClient
    • Constructor Detail

      • JDBCNClob

        public JDBCNClob​(java.lang.String data)
                  throws java.sql.SQLException