Module org.hsqldb

Class DbBackup

  • public class DbBackup
    extends java.lang.Object
    Works with tar archives containing HyperSQL database instance backups. Viz, creating, examining, or extracting these archives.

    This class provides OO Tar backup-creation control. The extraction and listing features are implemented only in static fashion in the Main method, which provides a consistent interface for all three features from the command-line.

    For tar creation, the default behavior is to fail if the target archive exists, and to abort if any database change is detected. Use the JavaBean setters to changes this behavior. See the main(String[]) method for details about command-line usage.

    Blaine Simpson (blaine dot simpson at admc dot com), Fred Toussi (fredt@users dot
    See Also:
    The database backup section of the HyperSQL User Guide, DbBackupMain.main(String[]), setOverWrite(boolean), setAbortUponModify(boolean)
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      DbBackup​( archiveFile, java.lang.String dbPath)
      Instantiate a DbBackup instance for creating a Database Instance backup.
      DbBackup​( archiveFile, java.lang.String dbPath, boolean script)
      Used for SCRIPT backup
    • Constructor Detail

      • DbBackup

        public DbBackup​( archiveFile,
                        java.lang.String dbPath)
        Instantiate a DbBackup instance for creating a Database Instance backup.

        Much validation is deferred until the write() method, to prevent problems with files changing between the constructor and the write call.

        archiveFile - File
        dbPath - String
      • DbBackup

        public DbBackup​( archiveFile,
                        java.lang.String dbPath,
                        boolean script)
        Used for SCRIPT backup
        archiveFile - File
        dbPath - String
        script - boolean
    • Method Detail

      • setStream

        public void setStream​(java.lang.String fileExtension,
                              InputStreamInterface is)
        Overrides file with stream.
        fileExtension - String
        is - InputStreamInterface
      • setFileIgnore

        public void setFileIgnore​(java.lang.String fileExtension)
      • setOverWrite

        public void setOverWrite​(boolean overWrite)
        Defaults to false.

        If arg is false, then attempts to write a tar file that already exist will abort.

        overWrite - boolean
      • setAbortUponModify

        public void setAbortUponModify​(boolean abortUponModify)
        Defaults to true.

        If true, then the write() method will validate that the database is closed, and it will verify that no DB file changes between when we start writing the tar, and when we finish.

        abortUponModify - boolean
      • getOverWrite

        public boolean getOverWrite()
      • getAbortUponModify

        public boolean getAbortUponModify()
      • write

        public void write()
        This method always backs up the .properties and .script files. It will back up all of .backup, .data, and .log which exist.

        If abortUponModify is set, no tar file will be created, and this method will throw.

        Throws: - for any of many possible I/O problems
        TarMalformatException - if there is a problem writin the tar file
      • writeAsFiles

        public void writeAsFiles()