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How to open an existing OOo database directly with HSQLDB

These are some of the reasons why you may want to use an OOo database directly with HSQLDB:

- you have developed your DB app with OO Base, and want to share it among multiple OO Base users by running an HSQLDB server instance
- you want to use OOo Base's interactive interface to design and develop your HSQLDB database
- you want to scale up your OOo Base database into a client-server or web application

The OOo Base file format is the ZIP format and contains the HSQLDB database. First make a copy of the file in a differnet directory. Supposing the name of the copied file is mydb.odb, rename the file to mydb.zip, then unzip the contents into a directory. You will find the directories and files similar to those listed below:

<DIR> Configurations2
<DIR> database
<DIR> forms
<DIR> reports

The directory named "database" contains the HSQLDB database files. It always contains the following files:


In order to open the database with HSQLDB, all you need to do is rename these files by adding a prefix. You can use any prefix, which will become the name of your HSQLDB database. For example:


After renaming, the files can be used with the latest version of HSQLDB. You can use the HSQLDB DatabaseManager to open and query the database.

How to work with an HSQLDB database directly with OOo

Step-by-step instruction are provided here.


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