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Usage Examples

Links to a collection of pages on how to use HyperSQL.

Beginners Tutorial at TutorialsPoint

For new users. A step-by-step tutorial with Java code examples. Note the Data Types page is mixed up with features from SQL Server, which you should ignore.

Getting Started

For new users. A simple, illustrated guide on how to run an HSQLDB server and to connect to the server with the Database Manager Swing.

Web Applications

Simple introduction to using HSQLDB in a web app.

Søren's Blog

Introduction to programming with HSQLDB in 5 parts. This popular guide introduces HSQLDB and shows examples of how to connect and use with JDBC, Java Server Pages and JSTL. You can use the guide with HSQLDB 2.X.

Unit testing and integration testing using JUnit, Liquibase, HSQLDB, Hibernate, Maven and Spring Framework

Includes images and downloadable source.

Kiss MySQL goodbye for development and say hello to HSQLDB

Includes source.

Embedding HSQLDB in Spring

How to run an HSQLDB server instance in a Spring container.

HSQLDB 2.0 with JDO

Multipart article covering development of an application

HSQLDB, JPA, Eclipse, Hibernate Tutorial

This guide shows how to program a JPA application using Hibernate and HSQLDB. The guide is in 2 parts. There is a link to part 1 at the beginning of the page. If you use HSQLDB 2.x, please use the latest Hibernate 3.6 and follow the guide.

JPA / Hibernate testing for Oracle target with HSQLDB

This guide shows how to use HSQLDB for testing JPA/Hibernate applications targeted for Oracle. Covers how to account for database engine differences. With the latest HSQLDB, this task has become easier due to the ORA syntax compatibility mode.

HSQLDB, JPA 2, Spring, Hibernate, GWT Tutorial

This guide shows how to program a GWP JPA application using Hibernate JPA and HSQLDB. If you use HSQLDB 2.x, please use the latest Hibernate 3.6 and follow the guide.

Testing JASON with JUnit rules

A blog entry on using JUnit and JASON, with HSQLDB as in-memory object store.

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